Car Scanner

Car Scanner are widely used for the diagnosis of basic problems associated with any vehicle. Used by professionals, these Car Scanner are easy-to-use and highly efficient in performance. Our variety of Car Scanner includes Model No. C 68, Model No. GD860 and Model No. IN805. These Car Scanner are ideal for any workshop as it provides a hassle-free optimum service. Our Car Scanner are appropriate for finding out the root cause to major & potential problems with ease.

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Multicar Scanner

support remote scanning by which it can scan car by just sitting in the garage even though car is 1000KM away from that garage. Mini100 Multicar scanner also support social media by which car technicians can connect with other technician’s community and get help for scanning and repairing procedure. Technicians can also solve problem of


Price :₹ 27,500.00

Care Car Scanner

Carecar AET-I Full System OBDII Diagnostic Scanner Tool ABS Airbag Reset For Suzuki Hyundai Maruti Tata Mahindra Indian OBD2 OBD


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Truck Scanner

Prominent & Leading School / College / Coaching / Tuition / Hobby Classes from Surat, we offer cv pro scanner, x100 super key programming machine, t-300 pro key programming, svdi 2 vag key programming tools, svdi 2 support vvdi2 vag - bmw key programming tool and fvdi 2 vag - vw, audi, seat, skoda.


Price :₹ 88,500.00

G-Scan 2 Scanner

In-depth coverage for Asian cars & trucks : Vehicle communication for the G-scan 2 is designed fully compatible with G-Scan, which enables the continued provision of unchallenged in-depth diagnostic capability on Asian passenger cars & commercial vehicles.

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Price :₹ 145,000.00