Car Diagnostic Scanner

Price : ₹ 145,000.00 / Piece(s)

Car Diagnostic Scanner

In-depth coverage for Asian cars & trucks : Vehicle communication for the G-scan 2 is designed fully compatible with G-Scan, which enables the continued provision of unchallenged in-depth diagnostic capability on Asian passenger cars & commercial vehicles.

  • The Best Gets Better and Better!
  • Larger high definition LCD
  • WiFi & Blue Tooth connectivity
  • 4 channel scope & digital multi-meter
  • Legendary in-depth coverage for cars & commercials

System and DTC Auto Search :  System Search mode checks all the systems fitted in the car automatically, reports the number of fault codes found and availability of advanced diagnostic functions in each detected system.

Screen Capture and Memo : Simply capture the screen any time and add quick hand written notes on the screen. It can be saved and reloaded for future reference.

Favourite and Recent :  Bookmark the frequently used functions in the Favourite Menu, and call the function as needed without having to navigate all the menu layers each time. The 'Recent Menu' serves as the shortcut to the functions that need to execute in short repetition.

Full Text Description : High resolution LCD screen and the 2-line DTC description display feature enables G-scan 2 to show the long-text DTC descriptions in full preventing the use of the acronyms or cutting away the significant parts to fit in the limited text space.

CAN Line Inspection : G-scan 2 offers the function that detects the signal transmission of the CAN-Bus lines, and indicates the status of CAN-Bus signals by showing the illuminating lamp symbols on the screen to help instantly identify the hardware defect of CAN-Bus system.

Simple & Easy Menu Structure :  If International is selected, a simple Diagnostic Connector Type selection follows and then the system selection can be made without having to follow further model name, model code, and type or model year selections. It provides complete function and diagnostic result of the same level as selecting all the details of the test car in Japan Domestic.

Utility Functions : G-scan 2 offers a variety of utility functions such as Communication Line Inspection, Unit Converter, Calculator, Special Functions Calculator
(Ohm’s Law, Parallel Resistance, Frequency and Period, Tyre Distance per rotation, Percentage) for the G-scan 2 user’s convenience.

Dual Mode for Hyundai & Kia : Hyundai and Kia software of the G-scan 2 supports dual mode where the 2 of the diagnostic functions (DTC Analysis, Data Analysis, Actuator Test and Simulator) are executed and displayed simultaneously.

Flight Record :  Data Parameters can be recorded any time during the test as the 'Flight Record' which can be replayed in numeric or graphical form.


Brand Name G-Scan
CPU ARM 9(400mhz) & ARM 9(234 MHZ) Dual CPU
External Memory Up to 4GB SD Card
Operating Temperature 0~45`c (when charging) 0~50`c (when using)
Display 5.6
Input Device Touch Screen+ Power On/OFF, ENTER, ESC, 4-direction, F1~F6 Function key
Rechargeable Battery Li-ion Polymer 2100mah cell
Operating Voltage 7 ~ 35 DC-V
Case Material PC+ ABS & TPE Shroud

Additional Information

Product Code G-Scan 2
Min. Order Quantity 1 Piece(s)
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, MoneyGram, Other

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